h1 arrowSturge-Weber Syndrome Center: Visit Checklist

All visitors to the center consult with Dr. Comi. During this visit, Dr. Comi provides anticipatory guidance for patients and families concerning on-going assessment and treatment of children with Sturge-Weber syndrome (SWS). Symptoms of seizures and other neurological episodes, multidisciplinary considerations for people with SWS, as well as resources available to families may be among the topics discussed.

In addition to Dr. Comi, the center's staff includes several other excellent SWS specialists. Please use the checklist below to help determine which of these physician's services may be most appropriate to address each individual child's needs. If you are interested in one or more items under any doctor’s name, you can email Kira Lanier for information about scheduling a visit with that clinician.

Dr. Bernard Cohen
Dermatology Kate Puttgen, MD
Pediatric Dermatology Dr. Germain-Lee
Endocrinology Dr. Eric Kossoff
Neurology (Epilepsy) Henry Jampel, MD, PhD
Ophthalmology Dr. Stacy Suskauer
Medical Rehabilitation Dr. Andrew Zabel

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