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Picture of Staff Member At the Hunter Nelson Sturge-Weber Center at Kennedy Krieger Institute patient's visits are tailored to meet their individual needs and clinical services are coordinated accordingly. In this way, the most relevant diagnostic testing can be performed to evaluate and most effectively serve each patient.

"Everything from the moment I emailed Dr. Comi to going to the appointment it was very smoothly. I was impressed with getting the cell phone number to Dr. Comi and her genuine concern."

Every effort is made to assist patients, their families and referring physicians in the care of patients with SWS by providing education regarding the disease and its various aspects.

In addition to dermatologic, neurologic and opthalmologic diagnostic evaluations the Hunter Nelson Sturge-Weber Center provides other evaluation services including EEG, endocrine, neuroradiologic, rehabilitative medicine and psychiatric evaluations. To learn more about the Hunter Nelson Sturge-Weber Center read our program brochure.

Treatment of SWS | Visitor Information

"Dr. Comi exceeded my expectations with regards to our visit and questions. She is one of those few physicians whose focus is on her patients, to provide support, knowledge, and medical care."